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Twin Cities ranks 7th in number of jobs cyclists can reach, University of Minnesota study finds

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Access as a metric

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Uber, Lyft say they help ease traffic congestion. New study says otherwise.

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Annual study updates impact of traffic congestion on job access within major U.S. cities

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Study finds transit access to jobs rises, thanks to A-Line

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Study finds transit access to jobs rises, thanks to A-Line

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Ohio drug law reform effort hits milestone; more news

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Study: Greater Cincinnati Still Near the Bottom for Jobs Accessible by Public Transit, but Improving

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7 things to know today and what a new study says about Orlando transit

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New York City leads on job access via transit, study says

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Study finds Tampa Bay transit among the worst in the nation, but best in the state

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Cincinnati connecting more jobs to transit, study says

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Study: Kansas City shows improvement in job accessibility by transit

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Study: KC's job accessibility by transit growing faster than in San Francisco, Austin

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Research shows nationwide increase in job accessibility by transit

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MN: Twin Cities Metro Shows Significant Improvement in Access to Jobs by Transit According to Annual U of M Study

Environment Guru, June 29, 2018

Twin Cities metro shows significant improvement in access to jobs by transit according to annual U of M study

Mass Transit Magazine, June 28, 2018

Access Across America: Transit 2017

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Stop Trying to Get Workers Out of Their Cars

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Access to jobs by transit increases in many U.S. metros

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New report: Streetcar helps boost region’s connection to jobs

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Access to Jobs by Transit Increases in Many Us Metros

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What does the future hold for the automobile?

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Metro ranks #4 in the nation! (At getting you close to work, anyway.)

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Initial Impressions of A Line Bus Mostly Positive

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Subsidized Uber Rides for Workers Could Be Worth the Cost, University of Minnesota Study Finds

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How a National Transit Map could connect ‘transit deserts’ to the grid

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Accessibility Dynamics and Location Premia: Do Land Values Follow Accessibility Changes?

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With Green Line, 2,000 more jobs accessible via rail, study finds

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Traffic study finds most American metros more congested than Twin Cities

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Accessibility moves out of the lab and into practice

State Smart Transportation Initiative, December 8, 2014

New video: Transit accessibility to jobs in Chicago, minute-by-minute

Accessibility Observatory, August 5, 2014

Regional accessibility metric offers powerful approach to transportation system planning

State Smart Transportation Initiative, February 10, 2014

This map wants to change how you think about your commute

Atlantic Cities, January 28, 2014

The Accessibility Observatory is a program of the Center for Transportation Studies.